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Make the Most of your SNOW-DAY

Finally… I am snowed in! I was beginning to think that this winter was going to be one spent in my bikini. (Which to most people probably sounds nice, but I love the snow) So, since I can’t exactly make it to the gym to give you guys a workout, or make it to the grocery store to try a new recipe for you then I am just going to tell you all what I’ve been doing to make the most of my snow-day’s.

Catching some Z’s

I actually had plans of going to Columbus to go wedding dress shopping yesterday, but Mother Nature decided otherwise. So, since I knew that I wasn’t going to making it out of my driveway I shut off my alarms and I slept in. I slept until about 9:00 am which is crazy late for me. You know what? It felt amazing! I woke up without any of my usual grogginess and felt extremely refreshed.

Made my favorite (Healthy) cozy day meals

For breakfast I made Kodiak cakes, I know, surprise surprise. But I didn’t just have any old kodiak cakes, I had the peanut butter ones! Then I topped them with banana slices. Then I made Gage the complete non-healthy version of my breakfast, lol. I made him some Aunt Jemima pancakes topped with some Aunt Jemima pancake syrup! But regardless, we both enjoyed our yummy breakfast.

Then for lunch I just had a Sabra roasted red pepper hummus snacker, which was phenomenal; 10/10 recommend. It was small but so filling! Plus there was no mess I had to clean up! (; my favorite part. As for gage, he didn’t eat lunch because he doesn’t eat as much as I do!!

For dinner I made a giant pot of turkey burger chili (If you want my recipe leave me some comments) but it was soooooo good! It was the perfect dinner for this cold snowy day. And Gage and I both enjoyed this.

After dinner I snacked on some cacao bits, which is what I used to satisfy my sweet tooth.

So, even though we were cooped up inside all day I didn’t use this as an excuse to eat horribly (:

Played in the snow

Even though I couldn’t make it to the gym I still managed to stay pretty active. Gage and I took Skar out to enjoy his first snow! We played for almost an hour running with him and playing catch. He absolutely loved it, as did we! (When we came in from the snow I made some homemade almond milk hot cocoa, and again if you want the recipe let me know!)

Skar enjoying his first snow-day!

Arts & Crafts

So, when we were just hanging out I drug out my Circuit and made different projects, just for fun. For anyone who loves trying to make their own cards, stickers, etc.. I highly recommend investing in one of these!!


I know this isn’t everyones ideal snow-day, however it was perfect for our family! I hope everyone had a wonderful safe day!

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo Hunter

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Okay, it’s no secret. I have been MIA for far too long. But the truth is, I have been insanely busy. I thought that during my winter break I would spend so much time writing for you guys and trying out new recipes but turns out I’ve been spending my winter break WEDDING PLANNING!!! That’s right, I am getting married. (It only took 5 years (; ) So, I do apologize for my lack of upkeep on my blog site, I will do better, I promise. Now, onto what you really came for.

For anyone who knows me personally, you know that I am a sugar addict. No, really like I am addicted to sugar. Look it up, it’s a thing. A sugar addiction could be just as severe as someone who is addicted to cocaine. SCARY STUFF. So, I decided to do a complete sugar cut out. (excluding natural sugars, of course.) So, I decided to detox myself from sweets for 3 whole days.

When I set this goal, I honestly thought it was going to be super unattainable. I always save room for dessert, ha. But it turned out to be way easier than I thought! After doing some research I found out that when people have severe sugar cravings it usually means that you’re lacking some sort of nutrient in your diet. Whether it be fats, carbs, proteins, or vitamins. So in order to make sure I was getting my suggested nutrients I did go back to tracking macros for this challenge.

Day 1

On the first day I had a breakfast balance of all my macros. I had a piece of Daves Killer seed bread, toasted with half an avocado and a boiled egg sliced on top. This was so so so yummy, and so filling! I didn’t have any sugar cravings after I had this meal. Not only was it really good it also kept me very full for almost 5 hours, which is rare for me, usually I eat every 3 hours.

For lunch this day I had a veggie burger in a lettuce wrap, with a banana, and a tablespoon of all natural no sugar added peanut butter. Again, this was so good and filling! And with the banana and the peanut butter it kind of gave me a little of something sweet, so therefore I didn’t have any sugar cravings after this meal.

For dinner I ate grilled chicken breast, cauliflower tots with cheese on top, and steamed broccoli. And that was it for that day, I was so proud of myself for not even craving any chocolate after dinner.

Day 2

I literally ate the same exact thing on day 2 since day 1 went so well. But, this day I did way more cardio at the gym than I did on day 1 so I was a bit hungrier. So as I was doing some wedding planning I grabbed the container of blueberries from the fridge and snacked on them as I was working, and it was very satisfying. I didn’t even want the mint chocolate chip ice cream that was in my freezer.

Day 3

So day 3 I switched it up a bit. For breakfast I ate a 1/2 cup of oats with a tablespoon of coconut oil, cinnamon, sliced strawberries, and blueberries. This again was so fulling (because of the coconut oil) and because it had plenty of fruit in it, I had absolutely no desire to eat candy after.

In case you didn’t know I am a waitress at a diner where there is delicious fatty greasy food around me all… day…. long, so usually I pack my lunch to work to deter me from eating said food. But this day I didn’t so I chose a healthier option from work. I had a bowl of vegetable soup with a banana, and it wasn’t my favorite meal however, it did fill me up!

For dinner on day 3 I had baked pork chops, carrots, and potatoes. With yet again, NO DESSERT DESIRED.


So, now it’s day six and I am still not eating sugar. I feel great and have no cravings. I found that the more balanced my meals are (i.e. the right amount of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) the less sugar I crave! So my challenge to you, my readers is to start tracking what you’re eating. Make sure you’re hitting all your macros and see if it helps you to eat less junk. I promise it will make you feel great.


Thanks for stopping by,

xo Hunter

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Eat This Not That

I have been gone for far too long, and it wasn’t on purpose. I have been so busy with finals, Christmas shopping, work, birthday shenanigans, and you know, being a dog mommy. So, I haven’t really had much time to sit behind my computer and just write some helpful advice. 

The title of this seems a little demanding, but it’s not exactly me telling what you can and can’t eat, that’s nonsense. However, this is going to tell you somethings you can swap out for healthier options to help you to live a healthier lifestyle. 

I have been practicing eating healthier for nearly four years now, so in my four years I have picked up some really simple and yummy tips on how to still eat the foods you love while remaining healthy. (new game, put a quarter in a jar every time you read the word healthy while reading my blogs, haha) So, there’s not much more to say so I guess I just get into what everyone actually came here for, healthy swaps!! 


Now, everyone tells you that when you’re trying to lose weight that you should just cut out bread, but don’t listen to them. Bread isn’t the enemy, neither are carbs. You can actually eat bread! I know, shocking. Just make sure you’re eating the right types of bread. Stay clear of any white breads, or sometimes even the wheat. Read the nutrition labels because some wheat breads contain high fructose corn syrup. So, just make sure you’re actually getting a whole grain bread when choosing. These are my go-to types of bread: Ezekiel bread or  natures own


I am a pasta queen! I mean I could eat it for every meal of the day, however, it shouldn’t be done, haha. There are all kinds of pastas that are all very good for you, you can have whole grain pasta, rice pasta, or veggie pasta. My very favorite is the veggie pasta. You can either take the time and make these yourself or you can take the easy way out (like I usually do and just buy them pre-made. These are really yummy and they fill you up just as much as the real deal, but they’re much healthier for you.


For me, honestly I haven’t even picked up a soda since 2013, which is insane. But, for some people it is so hard to give up. Try a sparkling water instead, I am not a fan of them, but I know a lot of people who are and they’re so much better for you. But what I actually did to replace soda were these amazing water packs. You can even get them with added caffeine so that you don’t have to have those horrible caffeine headaches. Once you cut out these sugary drinks your body will feel so much better, and it really helps for weight loss.


Do you have a sweet tooth? Cause I do, like the worst. I love any candy, chocolate, sour, sweet, minty, all of the candies. And I will stop at nothing to get my hands on some delicious candy. So, my tip for you (if you’re anything like me) is to keep fruit on hand and grab a handful of blueberries or strawberries if you are having a sweet tooth. And if that’s not enough to quit your aching tooth, keep some cocoa nibs on hand and grab a few of those to go along with your fruit, I promise you’ll feel amazingly satisfied.


Dairy is something that I am sure everyone consumes on the daily, multiple times a day without even thinking, having cheese on your burger or cream in your coffee. Now, I understand that most people don’t want to cut out dairy completely, one of those people being me. But you can make some healthier swaps to dairy, like almond milk, coconut milk, or pea milk in place of dairy milk or they now make non-dairy coffee creamer. This can make the biggest differences in your diet. Dairy milk is full of fat and sugar which can take a tole on your gut.

Peanut butter

Last but not least, the biggest unhealthy- health food on the market. Peanut butter. Don’t get me wrong, peanut butter is wonderful, it is full of healthy fat and some protein too. However, more than likely the peanut butter that you have in your pantry is loaded with preservatives, sodium, and sugar. You know your typical creamy peanut butter. I am a PB feen, and I crave it nearly every morning when I wake up. But what I mostly eat now is powered peanut butter called PBFit which has hardly any sugar and additives, or if I’m too lazy to mix up the powdered PB then my next go to is some all natural peanut only peanuts added, which is much better than that other stuff I previously mentioned.

Thats all I have for now, and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping by.

Xo Hunter

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The Day After

So, we’ve all been here, waking up in the morning and doing the walk of shame because your body is so swollen from all the food you ate on Thanksgiving the day before. Your lower stomach is so bloated due to the fact that you ate 4 servings of your grandmas homemade Mac and cheese. But I’m here to tell you, it’s not a walk of shame. It’s the walk of someone who has a healthy relationship with food and knows that that huge thanksgiving meal you devoured the day before, it’s not going to kill you. 

I bet you’ve guessed what I am about to talk about! I’m here to talk to you guys about how to treat your body the day after a major feeding, like thanksgiving. With the Holiday’s upon us I feel as if this is an  import topic because if your family is anything like mine then your family dinners are far from skimpy and there are usually more than one of them. For instance, it’s the Sunday after thanksgiving and I went to 4 dinners HAHA. 

Don’t starve yourself

When you get up, don’t immediately decide that since you overate the day before that you’re just going to make up for it by not eating. That’s not the right move. Wake up and eat your egg  whites with avocado toast, your body will thank you. By depriving yourself of nutrition you’re going to end up binging towards the end of the day and be overfed again and it will become a viscous cycle. Wake up, make a wholesome nutritious breakfast and enjoy it. 

Drink plenty of water 

I am sure it’s been pounded into your brain that in order to remain fit you have to drink a ton of water, and that is no lie. Water is like the key to a healthy lifestyle, especially on the day after. Drinking water is crucial. Usually when you’re having a big Holliday meal these foods contain a lot of sodium which means your body is retaining way more water than usual which is probably why your stomach looks like you’re carrying a grapefruit in it. By drinking a lot of water it will help flush out all the bad things that are stuck in your body. It will also help get your digestive system moving. I try to drink a gallon a day, but I believe the best rule of thumb is to try to drink an once of water for every pound you weigh. I weigh 125 so technically I should be drinking 125 oz of water. 

Don’t over train

Your brain is probably telling you to get into the gym and do an hour of cardio on top of some intense weight training because you need to burn off the extra calories. However, this is not the answer. You should go to the gym, yes, but don’t go crazy. Just go in there and do what you would normally do! Overtraining after an overfeed can make you despise training and general and you do not want that to happen. 

Don’t beat yourself up

Truthfully, this is the most important thing to do. Do not beat yourself up. This one is even hard for me, but I am doing so much better. So what you had 2 plates on thanksgiving. I bet you enjoyed every second of it! Don’t let your mind tell you that it’s a huge deal, it’s not. I am a firm believer in never depriving yourself in order to live your healthiest life. Therefore, eating those two plates will not hinder your progress. It’s one day that you are letting go and just enjoying your family, your friends, and your food. Don’t track the calories, and just don’t over think it. The best part about this being a lifestyle and a journey is that you get to start again the next day. I pinky promise, it’s going to be okay. EAT THE PUMPKIN PIE. 


I hope that everyone had an amazing turkey day, or days (; don’t stress the small things this is a journey!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by, 

xo Hunter

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Learning to focus on YOU for a Happier Healthier Lifestyle

Truthfully, I can’t sit here and preach that mentally I am healthy, and that I am perfect with my rainbows and sunshine life because well, that would all be a lie. In reality my mental health is messy. (Refer back to my biggest secrets) However, I am learning I am taking initiative to focus more on my mental health for a change. So, I took an entire week to do everything my brain freaks out about and I put my fitness goals on the back burner for the sake of saving my doggone brain.

As I have talked about before, I had and still struggle with a form of eating disorder. It’s not quiet classified as something as serious as anorexia, (which is what I called it for the longest time) but ya girl has done some research and realized that what I have developed is called Pocrescophobia .This basically means that the constant fear of gaining weight consumes me from the time I wake up until I go to sleep. And by consumes I really mean has total take over of my brain. My everyday thoughts are about what I am going to eat, how I am going to train, etc to combat obesity.

When it comes to eating, I have come a long way from starving myself but I am human and I still get urges to start skipping meals. When my head starts telling me to skip breakfast or dinner I defy it by getting up and making something healthy. And that’s one of the biggest ways I have come accustomed to eating and living a healthier lifestyle. It tricks my brain. But I have realized after a year of tracking my macros that eating the “right foods” and never going over my 41 grams of fat becomes an obsession. Tracking can be really helpful but not for someone like me. I am slowly getting over this obsession thanks to my brave self for NOT TRACKING (: I haven’t had many mental breakdowns about slipping up and eating something “unhealthy” since I stopped, so go me!

Now that I have gotten a better handle on my relationship with food a new problem arises…. THE GYM. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the gym and love to weight lift, absolutely love it. But, when I’ve been serving all day long with no breaks for 7 hours, sometimes I just want to go home and sit on my tooshie. (if you’re a waitress you can probably relate) not to mention I always have 18938958 other things to do when I get off work. i.e., do the dishes, do laundry, take care of the dog, do homework, make dinner, pack lunches… and the list could go on. So sometimes after all these things I am just honestly too pooped to go to the gym, and to any normal and rational person this would be okay but nope, not to me. I start beating myself up and calling myself harsh names, and that is not fair to me. Of all the people on the planet, you talk to yourself more than anyone. Make sure you are saying the right things. 

So, now after that extremely long preface I am going to tell you the things I did this week to focus on my mental health and stability.

I woke up early 

I decided that I was going to wake up much earlier than I usually do because I am a morning person. I love the peacefulness of mornings. I got up early to sit on the couch, read my Bible, do my morning devotional, read some awesome blogs, and sip my almond milk latte. By doing a combination of these things I was able to start my days off much happier. However, in order to do all this I also went to sleep earlier, which I also enjoy thoroughly. Waking up early actually benefited me more than I was intending, because by waking up an hour earlier it actually trained my internal alarm to wake up that early without force, which is good because I’ve been wanting to go to the gym earlier, so maybe this will help me next week and in the future. 

I ate 80/20

Now, I didn’t go all out and eat ice cream for every meal, and that is mostly because eating healthy truly TRULY makes me happy. But what I did do was eat a great sweet UNHEALTHY dessert on the nights I wanted them and I didn’t allow myself feel overwhelmed with guilt afterwards. So, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I ate the things that I normally would and then for dessert I ate ice cream, and cookies and you know your typical 80/20 lifestyle and when I say I enjoyed this part I am not lying.

I skipped the gym 

Yes, ME. I skipped the gym for an entire week and I didn’t allow myself to stress it. However,  I wasn’t exactly lazy I worked, went to school, did homework, and did house work. But after skipping the gym it made me miss the gym, like actually miss being sweaty and out of breath, and I needed that. I needed to miss the gym in order to get myself back into my groove. It also made me realize that if I miss the gym once or twice it isn’t going to be a complete detriment to my health and goals. So, if you’ve worked all day and have a ton of things to do and just can’t make it, don’t sweat it. 

I read more 

I took the time to read some really interesting blogs outside of the fitness world. I am so glad I was able to do this, I read things about making me stronger in my faith. I found some really awesome bloggers and I actually learned a lot from reading all these different things.

I didn’t wear makeup

Lastly the thing I did that I probably loved the most was go an entire week without any makeup. Most of this was just out of pure laziness. But my skin felt so nice being naked for a change. I am usually so insecure about my naked face, but this week I embraced it and surprisingly I loved it. I think I will skip my makeup routine more than I ever imagined in the future.

Over all I am very pleased with myself for not letting my phobia control my life for a change. This was a really great experience and I have no regrets about my decisions. I hope that anyone struggling with anything in their lives will love themselves enough to take a week just to do whatever their heart desires, I promise it’s worth it.

Thanks for stopping by, 

-Xo Hunter 



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How to be Healthy When You’re BROKE

Okay, so I will be the first to tell you that eating healthy is not cheap. You could go to the grocery store and buy ten junk food items for under $20.00 but, if you go and grab ten health food items it’s going to cost about $50.00 + which IS NOT FAIR. I’m a full time college student, dog mom, and have bills all on a waitress salary. Come on, do you think I can afford to shop every week at Whole Foods and choose from all their fresh and fad healthy foods? Absolutely not. So, you’re now probably wondering how I actually can afford to eat healthy in the first place and it’s because I HAVE HEALTHY FOOD HACKS.

Hack #1 COUPONS 

Ahhhh, coupons! Now, I am not talking about reading every sales ad and every news paper and snipping out the little coupons, then saving them, and then trying to remember to actually take them to the store because let’s be real, I don’t have that kind of time or patience and kudos to those who do. But, what I am talking about is the Kroger app. Around me I have three different Kroger stores that are pretty close therefore, it’s the most convenient for me. So, I simply have downloaded the Kroger app onto my phone and then I applied for a Kroger plus card. This is a really good and fresh (insert James Charles trade mark) tool to use when trying to save some cash. The app shows you all the sales ads that the store offers, and the best part is they do digital couponing and it’s extremely easy! All you have to do is choose the coupon and then click the tab that applies said coupon to your card and that is it! No remembering to dig through your purse and find that crinkled up snip-it of that sales ad, you just swipe your plus card at checkout and it automatically takes the amount off.

Another really  beneficial asset that Kroger provides is “Click List” where you can do all your shopping in your car from the app and then an employee will bring it out to you. This is an extreme hack for people like me who love to mosey thought the grocery and pick up anything that intrigues them and just throw it into their cart, those little gimmicks add up very quickly. So, if you have a Kroger store near you, go check out this amazing tool.  Here is where you can apply for the plus card! (I forgot to mention it gives you gas points too which can save tons of money if you do a lot of driving.) Here is where you can download the Kroger app that is available for android and iPhone!

Hack #2 Frozen and Canned food 

Yes, you read that correctly, you CAN eat frozen and canned fruits and vegetables and still reap the benefits of the fresh stuff. Don’t be afraid to eat these things, but be cautions and always read the nutrition label to make sure there are no added sugars and bad things. Try to stick with things that read all natural. That is where your body will thank you, as well as your wallet. I often buy canned veggies and frozen fruit opposed to the fresh stuff because well, one, it lasts way longer and you don’t have to worry about trying to eat it all before it starts to go bad and two, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper!

Often people deter from buying these items because they feel as if they aren’t as healthy as the fresh stuff, however if you’re buying the right kind of canned and frozen produce then honestly, it’s not much different! Give it a try and I promise you’ll see how much more money you are saving and you’ll also notice the decrease in wasted food.

Hack #3 Planing 

Plan your menu ahead. Like I have stated before I don’t meal prep, however, I do try to pre-plan a monthly menu so that when I go shopping I am not buying a whole lot of extra food that I don’t need. Here is the template I use. You can also just write it out yourself, I just like the organization. Before I started planning my meals I would just wonder the store aimlessly and literally put anything in my cart that was healthy or trendy (there are a ton of trendy health foods incase you didn’t know) and then I would go home, unpack the two hundred dollars worth of groceries I just bought and then I would maybe eat a fourth of these items, and let the other go to waste because there was no rhyme or reason behind buying them. So, even though planning out your meals takes a little extra time, it is extra time well spent when you’re as poor as I am!

Hack #4 Working out 

For the longest time I was way too poor and way too shy to even think about joining a gym. So what did I do? I trained at home, in my basement and guess what? I had little to no equipment when I first started doing this. I had some free weights and a yoga mat. Even with little stuff I still managed to kill my basement workouts. So, you should never use being broke as an excuse to not training. There is an entire world of Pinterest posts out here that will give you every at home workout that you have ever imagined, and the honest truth is THEY WORK.

I hope you enjoyed reading my hacks today! And, I am thinking about posting an entire week of at home workouts comment if anyone would be interested in reading that type of content. Thanks for stopping by! (: –

– XO Hunter



Have a Healthy & Happy Vacation

If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle sometimes the thought of traveling can be spooky. “What will I eat?” “How will I make it to the gym?” Well, I’m here to tell you, you can both enjoy your vacation as well as stay on track! It’s not as difficult as you might think.

Right now, my boyfriend and I are taking a weekend trip to Cleveland, Ohio for a football game. And we are from Ohio so Cleveland is just about a three and a half hour drive for us, which isn’t too bad so not much fast food was involved. However, if there was THAT’S OKAY, I have a trick for you!

So, we left late Saturday morning, which gave me time to get up, have my almond milk late, eat breakfast, and head to the gym. Which means, I ate breakfast at home before we left, and you should too, to deter you from stopping at your local coffee shop and snagging one of those homemade cinnamon rolls that are to die for. So, I ate a Kodiak Cake Flapjack on the go, these are really great and filling, they’re full of good carbs and protein, so they’re perfect for a pre-workout breakfast. So, after my coffee and breakfast I headed to the gym and had an amazing leg day. Just because it’s the first day of vacation doesn’t mean you should skip the gym!

After I got back I packed some healthy snacks and a large bottle of water. This is my go to water bottle.  Now, since I wasn’t going to be on the road too long I just packed a baggy full of trail mix. I snacked on it and drank my water until we got about 2.5 hours in, then I was hungry for some food so we stopped at Taco Johns. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Hunter you said to never eat fast food?’ that I did, and I actually never do eat it, so when we went in there I was so lost because I had no idea what to even get. BUT I did order something healthier, which is my trick for you. If you HAVE to get fast-food because you really don’t have time to stop at the vegan restaurant, then that’s OK. Just try to order something that’s not deep fried and full of fat! I ordered grilled chicken street tacos and of course a water. These were a total of 540 calories, and had a good source of protein with the chicken and they were great and very filling!

When it comes to dinner, try to choose a restaurant that has plenty of healthier options to choose from! Just make smart choices, but still always remember to enjoy yourself and don’t stress it too much.

Utilize the hotel fitness center (which most have). Almost every hotel that I have stayed in has a small fitness center. This one in particular had an elliptical, treadmill, 2 benches, a dumbbell rack, a couple mats, a yoga ball, and a small cable machine. I used all the equipment to my advantage and I was able to complete a killer lower body workout! It may not be the most fun thing to do while enjoying your vacation, but it’s an easy way to stay focused and on top of your goals! I was planning on doing a whole travel training blog, however my boyfriend wasn’t awake to take pictures, so I didn’t! Ha!

Most importantly enjoy your vacation, have fun and be mindful of your goals. Do not restrict yourself of that slice of lava cake, or that vanilla ice cream your hotel serves (; just be mindful and make smart choices when you can. Don’t beat yourself up if you do slip, again this is vacation!!